Hall A – morning section

08.30-11.20 Infertility and IVF
Chairpersons: Christopher Blockeel, Tarek El-Toukhy
08.30 Antonio La Marca: Biomarkers in ART: an update La-Marca-Antonio-480
08.50 Tarek El-Toukhy: Adjuvant therapy in IVF: where is the evidence? Tarek-El-Toukhy-640
09.10 Stratis Kolibianakis: Thyroid function in ART Stratis-Kolbianakis-480
09.30 Richard S. Legro: Treatment of Obesity in Infertile Patients: Is there any benefit? Legro_Richard_480
09.50 Christopher Blockeel: To scratch or not scratch? Christophe-Blockeel-640
10.20 Zev Rosenwaks: How to avoid OHSS? Rosenwaks_Zev_480
11.10-13.00 Infertility
Chairpersons: Vesna Kopitović, Miro Šimun Alebić
11.10 Velimir Šimunić: Autocrine and paracrine control of FSH and LH activity SIMUNIC_VELIMIR-480
11.40 Miro Šimun Alebić: We have the attitude – experience with combined antioxidants in the treatment of male infertility ALEBIC_MIRO-SIMUN-480
12.00 Albert Despot: Three-dimensional ultrasound for ovulation timing and the volume assesment of implantation endometrium
12.20 Aleksandra Trninić Pjević, Vesna Kopitović i Jelena Vukosavljević: Preimplantation genetic screening – are we satisfied with our results? Aleksandra Trninić Pjević, MD, PhD

Hall A – afternoon section

15.00-16.30 Reproductive surgery
Chairpersons: Eda Vrtačnik Bokal, Herman Haller
15.00 Eda Vrtačnik Bokal: Intergrated therapeutical approach in endometriosis associated infertility Vrtacnik_Bokal_480
15.20 Siniša Šijanović: Are there new guidelines for the treatment of myomas? Sinisa-Sijanovic-480-en
15.40 Herman Haller: The effect of ulipristal acetate in the treatment of symptomatic myomas HALLER_HERMAN_640
16.20-19.20 Infertility and IVF
Chairpersons: Biljana Popović-Todorović, Tatjana Motrenko Simić
16.20 Tarek El-Toukhy: Update on endocopic surgery to improve IVF outcome Tarek-El-Toukhy-640
16.40 Antonio La Marca: The concept of personalized prognosis in IVF La-Marca-Antonio-480
17.00 Biljana Popović Todorović: GnRH agonist trigger – does one size fit all? Biljana-Popovic-Todorovic2-CRG-480
17.20 Stratis Kolibianakis: Evidence based medicine in poor responders Stratis-Kolbianakis-480
17.40 Richard S. Legro: Ovulation Induction in PCOS: Best Practices Legro_Richard_480
18.00 Tatjana Motrenko Simić: LH primming in poor responders Tanja-Motrenko-480
18.20 Zev Rosenwaks: Fresh vs frozen cycles Rosenwaks_Zev_480
18.40 Veljko Vlaisavljević: Freeze all programme in routine clinical practice: is it justified Veljko-Vlaisavljevic-480

Hall B – morning section

08.30-13.10 Free comunications
Chairpersons: Martina Šunj, Renato Bauman
08.30 Branka Golubić Čepulić: Rh-D prophylaxis in the era of molecular diagnostics
08.50 Gordan Zlopaša: RhD prophylaxis – are we doing enough? Zlopasa_Gordan-480
09.10 Suzana Bokić: Infertility in primary care work-up Bokic_Suzana_480
09.30 Jelena Marušić: Vitamin D and reproduction IMG_9758-480
09.50 Igor Maričić: Office hysteroscopy – benefit for IVF MARICIC_IGOR_480
10.10 Miro Kasum: The role of kisspeptins in reproduction noimage_640
10.30 Karlo Tomičić: Surgical complications during IVF treatment Karlo-Tomicic-480
10.50 Renato Bauman: Forensics in reproductive medicine Renato-Bauman480
11.10 Vera Kremić i Stevan Milatović: Is the freeze all strategy the future of IVF? VeraCVEmbryoENGFINAL
11.30 Martina Šunj: Contraception for different age groups MARTINA-SUNJ-480
11.50 Ivan Bolanča: Iatrogenic abnormal uterine bleeding Ivan-Bolanca-640
12.10 Gordan Crvenković: Nonivasive methods of vaginal rejuvenation Gordan-Crvenkovic-640
12.30 Darija Strah: Prenatal cf-dna testing for Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities – 5 year’s experience in clinical practice Strah_Darija_480

Hall B – afternoon section

15.00-18.20 Menopausal medicine
Chairpersons: Marina Šprem Goldštajn, Dražen Postružnik, Ivan Fistonić
15.00 Ivan Fistonić: Menopausal labyrinth Fistonic-Ivan-480
15.20 Davorka Herman: Hormoni kao anti-aging terapija / Hormones as anti-aging therapy Herman_Davorka-480
15.40 Johannes Huber: Cronobiology and protective effort of melatonin on the ovaries Huber_Johannes_480
16:00 Ksenija Geršak: Genetics of premature ovarian failure Ksenija-Gersak-480
16.20 Mirko Koršić: Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis Mirko-Korsic-640
16.40 Srećko Ciglar: Why sexual disfunction happens in women across different age groups? Ciglar_Srecko_480
17.00 Dražen Postružnik: Prevention and treatment in menopause POSTRUZNIK_DRAZEN_480
17.20 Marina Šprem Goldštajn: IMS Guidlines for HRT Marina-Sprem-Goldstajn-480
17.40 Ewald Boschitsch: Safety of Menopausal Hormone Therapy: from the WHI to the Present Ewald Boschitsch
18.00 Ivan Jandrić: The treatment of menopausal symptoms after breast carcinoma treatment Jandric_Ivan-480