Hall A

15.00 Opening ceremony
Welcome speech
15.30-17.10 Plenary lectures
Chairpersons: Dinka Pavičić Baldani, Neda Smiljan Severinski
15.30 Stjepan Šterc: Reproductive medicine and demography STERC_STJEPAN_640
15.50 Yacoub Khalaf: Why funding ART is good demographic (fiscal) policy Yacoub-Kalaf-353
16.10 Roberto Lerxtundi: Can contraception have a positive demographic influence Roberto_Lertxundi_CV_640
16.30 Ante Klarić, Miran Cvitković: Physician and medical fault: who is who and what is what? KLARIC_ANTE_480
17.10-19.30 Contraception and reproductive health
Chairpersons: Dražen Postružnik, Lana Škrgatić
17.10 Dražen Postružnik: Contraceptives with natural estrogen POSTRUZNIK_DRAZEN_480
17.30 Paloma Lobo: Extended regimens of combined hormonal contraception to reduce symptoms related to withdrawal bleeding and the hormone-free interval: a systematic review of randomized and observational studies Paloma-Lobo-480
17.50 Neda Smiljan Severinski: Guidelines for treating PCOS in adolescents SMILJAN_SEVERINSKI_480
18.10 Dinka Pavičić Baldani: The role of mioinositol in the treatment of PCOS dinka-pavicic-baldani-480
18.30 Lana Škrgatić: Vaginal infections – problems we are facing SKRGATIC-480
18.50 Mislav Herman: Dequalinium chloride – new therapeutic possibilities in the treatment of vaginal infections Herman_Mislav_480